We are excited about the new Android UI app release to match our new iOS app but also understand that some older devices (with older hardware and/or OS) may have a harder time keeping up with the new app UI.  The original app UI will be fully discontinued by the end of Q2 2017.

For this reason, we have made the original Device Magic app UI available as well on our Google Play listing for those types of devices.  We have listed the original Android app UI on the Beta Testing Channel of our Google Play listing.  Below is a walk-through on how to revert back to the original version.

First, navigate to the Google Play Store and find the Device Magic Forms listing and click the "Read More" under the description.

At the bottom of the description you will find a link you can click to navigate to the Beta Testing Channel where you can sign up to revert to the original app UI.  Click on the link or copy and paste it into your browser.


Once you navigate to the link, you will see the screen below.  You can ignore the text as it is set by Google.  Click the blue "BECOME A TESTER" button to continue.

After you click "BECOME A TESTER" you will see the following screen with the green "You are now a tester" confirmation.  If you already have the Device Magic Forms app installed on your device, you'll get an update with the testing version shortly. If you don't have the app installed, download it on Google Play first, then you will get an update with the testing version. It can take a few hours for the update to arrive.

Move Back To New Android UI Version:

If you change your mind, you have the ability to revert back to the new Android UI version of the app by leaving the testing program.  All you have to do is follow the URL from the Device Magic Forms page on Google Play and you will arrive at the same page but this time click "Leave the program" (see screenshot below).

Once you click "Leave the program" you will see the following screen to confirm you have left the program and will revert back to the new Android UI version of the Device Magic app.

**Again, the original Device Magic Android app UI will only be available until the end of Q2 2017 at which point the process above will be discontinued and the new Android app UI will be the only available version of the Device Magic app.

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