What your dashboard looks like

Your dashboard is where you come to do everything. From creating your forms, assigning devices to groups to setting up your destinations.

Your dashboard can have 2 different views, depending on your monitor size.

  1. With screen resolution lower than 1280px, you will have this view:

2. With screen resolution of more than 1280px, you will have this view:

In the image above, there are several informational boxes on the main dashboard:

  1. Submissions: In this box you will see a brief history of all of the submissions made on your account over the past month.
  2. Account Activity: Here is a list of all of the activities from your account like form submissions and device approvals.
  3. Summary: Here you can find how many devices are on your account, how many forms you have created as well as your Org Key.
  4. Online Documentation: By clicking this link you have access to our Help Center where you will find answers to any of the questions you may have.
  5. + Add Device (Button): Click this button to add additional devices on your account.

Green Bubble: highlighted here is an additional link to our Help Center and the gear icon gives you access to your Device Magic settings.

Red Bubble: this is the navigation bar for the main areas of Device Magic which include:

This concludes our overview of the Device Magic Dashboard. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com or leave us a comment, thanks!

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