When you submit a form on your device, it is sent to the Submissions tab. If you do not have an active data connection when you submit the form, it will be in pending status until an active data connection is established. Pending status is indicated by a syncing symbol (indicating that they are still submitting from the device):

If a submission fails to submit, you'll see a warning triangle symbol.

Swipe to the submission to the right and you'll have the option to retry the submission.

Once an active data connection is established and your form has been successfully submitted, it will change status to a check mark, indicating successful submission:

Once the form has been successfully submitted, it will record the name of the form and the time which the form was submitted (the date and time reflect the local time settings of the device). This is helpful in keeping track of when and what forms you have submitted. You can change the number of days this submission information is kept by changing the settings in the app:



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