With the ShareFile Destination (available on our Enterprise Plan), you can send your submitted data to your ShareFile account.

To set up this destination, go to your Forms page and locate your form. Then, click the settings icon to view the menu and select Destinations. On the following page, click New Destination.

Note: By default, two destinations are added every form created.

Note: Depending on the subscription package you have, your available destination options will vary.

A new page will load, and on it you will see different destinations to send your data. Click ShareFile, then (for this example) select the PDF format.

Supported Formats

Adobe .pdf

Word .docx

Excel .xlsx




In Step 3, you can specify that images, signatures and sketches are sent to a different service other than Device Magic. See this help article for more information.

Step 4 provides the option to add a Description to your destination. You can also set your destination to be active or inactive here. When the Active box is unchecked, the destination will not deliver submitted data.

During Step 5, you have the opportunity to name the PDF file which will be saved to your ShareFile account. You can use a static name or you can copy and paste placeholders for answers from your form by clicking the Show me placeholders... button. You also have the opportunity to customize the PDF file during this step. Click here to learn more about how to customize your PDF file.

Next you will need to add your ShareFile account to the Destination. Once you click the red Start authorizing... button, you will be redirected to enter your ShareFile account information. Once you have added your account, you will then see an option to provide a folder path for the PDF file within your ShareFile account. This isn't a requirement so if you don't have a specific folder path you would like to use Device Magic will automatically generate one for you.

To learn more about Filename and Folder path customization, visit our article here

In Step 7, you have the option to create Destination Rules for when you want the Destination to be active. To learn more Destination Rules, visit this article.

Lastly, click the Create Destination button at the bottom of the page.

For questions or comments please send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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