Why Use the Submission Counter?

Many of our customers use Device Magic to supplement or replace an existing process within their business. Two simple examples would be creating work orders and POs by filling out a Device Magic form. Since many of these businesses have an existing work order and/or PO number sequence in place, using the Submission Counter makes it possible to continue that number sequence.

Where is the Submission Counter?

We have included a submission counter as part of each form. You can find it on the "Summary" page of the form.

Set your Submission Counter Starting Number

If your last work order number was 1000, you can set your new Device Magic work order form to pick up at 1001 by setting that number in the Submission Counter and clicking the "Reset" button.

Every time someone on your team submits a new form, the submission counter number is included as part of the meta-data of the form found in your Device Magic Database.

Note: By default the Submission Counter will start at "1" for the first submission of a form.

Using the Submission Counter Data

Your submission counter number also appears as a placeholder so you can use it in your reports, when you create custom PDF and Word documents to send to your destination. 


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