What are Broken Destinations?

A 'broken destination' can occur due to a change in a cloud account, such as Google, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. This could be as simple as a Password update or that the Authentication Token used with your cloud Account has expired.

Where to find Broken Destinations?

If you have any destinations that are broken, a red notification will display on your Management Console's Home page, after the page has fully loaded.

Click on "view destinations" and a new page displaying a list of your broken destinations will load.

How do I solve these issues?

Click the green 'Edit this destination to fix it' button on the right.

After the Destination Settings page has loaded, check your Cloud Drive settings.

You'll see that the Account will simply need to be selected again, or a new account will need to be set up.

Save the destination and the issue will be removed from your 'Broken Destinations' list.

If you are having trouble, please contact support for further assistance at support@devicemagic.com.

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