Lists are a very powerful native data storage mechanism in Device Magic. One of the things that makes lists so powerful is the ability to update them from a destination. To learn more about destinations, see Setting up Destinations.

Adding a List

To setup a List as a destination, go to the form you want to use to update the list and then click New Destination:

Select List as the Destination and XML as the format:

For the Image Options, Destination Description, Destination Delivery Error Mail To, and Destination Rules sections, these options are the same as for other destinations. In the XML Options section, you can download a sample of the XML available in the form.

List Entry Options

The List Entry Options section is where you are going to be configuring the specific details of the update that you want to make in the list when a form is submitted:

Add New Entry to List

The options here for a New entry action are:

  • Choose a List: First, you will need to select the list that you want this destination to update.

  • Action: Select 'New entry' if you want this destination to create new rows in your list or select 'Update entry' if you want to find a row and update its value.

  • List entry template settings: Here you can view the fields from your form and see the template syntax that can be used to reference the data in the form. If your form contains a repeat group, then you will also have the option to select the repeat group and see the syntax necessary to reference fields in the repeat group.

  • List entry fields: This will be the fields in your list and the template values from your form will be pasted in these fields to provide the value that each form submission will add to the list.

Update a List Entry

If you select 'Update entry' there will be one additional section:

  • Entry matcher: For an update, we need to know which item (or row) in your list needs to be updated. Here you can select one of the columns from the list to match against a field in the form. If there is a match. the corresponding row in the list will be updated.

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