To learn more about what lists are and see other things you can do with a List, check the Lists Overview.

Creating a List

The first thing you need to do to use a List is to create one. Click on the Lists menu to begin:

Click on New List to add a new list, you can only start by adding a Blank one for now:

Give your list a name and description. Don't worry, this can be changed later:

You have now created a list that has two columns - an ID field and a Text field. You can view these or edit the list structure by clicking on Edit:

From here you can add as many additional fields to the list as you need by clicking 'Add Row' or you can edit the existing column (the ID field is a system field that cannot be edited).

Note: Currently, the rows in a List can only be text fields.

If you think of your list as an Excel spreadsheet, these are the columns that you will be capturing. Once you have completed setting up your list, click Save.

Here is an example list for tracking status changes to equipment:

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