Area is a premium question type that enables multiple location data points to be grouped together and viewed as a single area on your mobile device.

After adding an Area Question, you will have an area group (which appears like a repeat group) with a Location Question inside.

In the Advanced Settings you will see that the Primary Question is set to the Location Question. You can nest the Area group inside other repeat groups or subforms as desired and you can add additional questions to the group as well.

On a mobile device, you will see the Area group in much the same way as a repeat group and the Location Question inside will function the same as a location question.

An area requires at least 3 locations to be added or you will see a "Too few answers" error when you try to submit. After 3 or more locations are captured, the summary view will show the area shaded like this:

Android (4 points added):

iOS (6 points added):

The returned value from an Area Question will be a group of location points. This can be used in other applications if sent via XML or JSON to an HTTPS destination.

Note: There is currently no support for drawing the area in reports that are produced.

The Area Question is a premium feature and is only available on certain plans.

If you are interested in this feature or have any questions / comments, feel free to send us a message at

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