The API is implemented as a RESTful web service, with appropriate GET, PUT, POST & DELETE verbs. To use the API, one needs to obtain an access token and pass this along in each call – please see our authentication article for more information.

User Listing

Before anything useful can be accomplished, a list of users for the organization needs to be obtained. This can be obtained as follows:


The identifier is what you will use in other calls for dispatch

JSON Example

"authors": [
"identifier": 123,
"type": "User",
"name": "Peter",
"email": ""

The identifier is what you will use in other calls for dispatching to this user. Note, this call will also return any devices (with a type=Device) and can be used to replace the previous API as it supports all the functionality in addition to users.

The flow for viewing, sending, updating, and deleting dispatches is the same as in the previous Dispatch API, but the endpoint changes to the following:

Dispatch List


Sending a Dispatch


Updating a Dispatch


Deleting a Dispatch


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