Use the Web Forms App to submit forms from a web browser. You can enable the same forms you already have today for web access or you can limit access through Groups.

With Web Forms, you can standardize digital processes across your department or your entire company. Device Magic Web Forms offer the same multimedia functionality as the Mobile Forms App, including camera, sketching, and geotagging functions.

Accessing the Web Forms App

Visit the Web Forms link or click on "Web Forms" and then "Forms" in the side navigation.

You can find the link on the Organization Settings Page of your Device Magic Management Console. You can also launch an email to invite others on your team to complete forms using the Web App by clicking Invite Your Team to Use Online Forms.

Logging into the Web Forms App

There are two ways to log onto Web Forms.

1) Mobile Forms App Authentication - For device users with an active device.
2) Online Forms User Role - For users with an Online Forms User Role, but no active device.

1) Mobile Forms App Authentication

(For device users with an active device)

1. Make sure the Device Magic app is on your device and joined to your organization.
(If you do not have the app installed on your device, learn more here.)

2. Open the Device Magic app and tap the Settings icon.

3. Now tap the Authenticate Web Client option at the bottom, to open the device's camera.

4. Scan the QR code using the your device to log in.

2) Online Forms User Role

(For users with an Online Forms User Role and no active device)

1. To enable Web Forms for a User, first assign them a role which includes the
Online Forms - access permission.

Note: All users with the Online Forms - access permission will be billed as an additional device.

2, Once the user is assigned to the Role, they can login at using their current email and password.

Using the Web Forms App

Once you are logged in you will see a list of all of the forms you have access to on your device. By clicking on the form name, you can open the form in the browser and start entering information.

Once in the form you can complete it as you would on your device, only now you have the convenience of using your keyboard and mouse.


Fill out dispatches on the Web Form App.

Click on the Web Forms - Dispatches button in the side navigation to access dispatches assigned to your Device or your User.

(Check the Logging into the Web Forms App section above for more info on how to log in.)

Please note that if you are using a Dispatch Destination to send a Dispatch to an Online User, and using an email value from a submission, the user email will need to all lower case in order Dispatch to be sent.

Supported Platforms

The Web Forms App is supported on the latest Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, and Safari desktop browsers. Mobile browser support is coming soon.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to our Support Team at

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