Sending form submission data to Power BI is made possible by leveraging the Device Magic Database API. After adding this data source, you'll be able to create up-to-date reports and dashboards.

The focus of this article is on accessing a form's submission data, however, the concepts mentioned will apply when connecting to any of Device Magic's other available API's.

Locating the Form ID

In Device Magic, navigate to your Form's page and click the title of the form you'd like to connect. On the following page, select and copy the id from your browser's address bar. You can also retrieve this value by querying the Forms API.

Next, formulate the endpoint to successfully fetch submissions from Device Magic.[form_id]/device_magic_database.json



Save this URL for later.

Locating your API Key

Select API Access and save the API access token value on the page that follows.

Adding the Data Source in Power BI

Click Get data and select Web.

Then, select Basic.

Paste the URL from earlier in the relevant section.

After, click OK.

Select Basic and enter your API access token in the User name section. Input any value for the Password and select Connect.

The form submission data will then be fetched and the Power Query Editor opened upon success. Reference the submissions column for the previously submitted form values. You can now transform and shape your Device Magic submission data.

To learn more about the Device Magic Database API (data structure, available parameters, etc.), please see this article.

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