What is a Dispatch?

A Dispatch is a feature that allows you to send a one-time form to a specific device or user, with the option of pre-populating specified fields. This helps automate the data collection process. Once the dispatched form is submitted by the user, it will disappear from the device. Since this particular form will never be used again, this is a perfect way to keep the forms list on the mobile device concise and ordered.

You can access the Dispatches page through the Dispatches tab on the left navigation menu.

Create a New Dispatch

To create a new Dispatch, click “New Dispatch” and select “Single Device”.

Note: You can also create a new dispatch directly through a specific Form’s summary screen:

You will then begin setting up your Dispatch. First, select the form you would like to send, and the device you would like to send it to. Then, optionally add a form name and a description, which will be visible to the end user.

Next, choose the default values for any form questions. Type your answer, or select from the drop down.

Note: To dispatch a specific location to a Location Question, please use the following format: lat=xx.xxxx, long=xx.xxxx

ex. lat=17.977768, long=-76.782512

When you have finished completing any fields you would like to pre-populate, select Send Now to send this form immediately or schedule the dispatch (more info on this below under Scheduled Dispatches).

If sending immediately, click Send Dispatch.

Additional Sending Options:

Attach a Location to the Dispatch:

This feature will allow the mobile user to view the Dispatches that they are sent, on a map.

Note: If you are interested in this feature, please reach out to support@devicemagic.com to enable this for you.

Here you can enter an Address or add Lat/Long Coordinates to populate a location for the dispatch on the map.

After entering an Address, the associated coordinates will automatically populate, showing a green tick if the address is valid. On the right a map will be displayed, showing a pin of the location.

For more information on how this feature will look on the mobile device, click here.

Scheduled Dispatches:

Schedule a form to be dispatched at a specified date and time by selecting Schedule Dispatch.

When scheduling a future dispatch, clicking the answer box will prompt a date and time picker to appear. Clicking Now will populate a value with the current date and time. Adjust the value as required and select Schedule Dispatch.

If you'd like this dispatch to occur on a recurring basis, enter a Repeat Every value.

Not seeing this feature? For more information on enabling recurring scheduled dispatches for your organization, please contact support@devicemagic.com.

You can also enter a Name and Description for the recurring scheduled dispatch when a Repeat Every value exists.

After, click Send Dispatch.

The form will appear in the Dispatches tab of the device user’s app at the date and time specified.

You can view and manage any outstanding Dispatches in your Dispatches Tab in your Management Console. Once on the Dispatch Screen, you will see a list of all your previously sent Dispatches, the Device they were sent to, and the time they were sent.

By switching to the Scheduled tab, you can view a list of upcoming scheduled Dispatches that have not yet been sent.

By clicking the gear icon at the end of a row, you can Remove the dispatch entirely, or re-assign it to another device or user.

If recurring dispatches are defined within your organization, they'll appear on the Recurring tab where they can be managed.

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If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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