Labels allow you to categorize devices, forms, and resources for personalized organization in the Management Console. You can search a label to see the items with that label. When used in combination with filtering, labels allow for faster navigation as your account scales.

To add a label, click the + button in the Labels column for your device, form, or resource. Enter a new label or select a previously created one. Then, click Update.

You can also use this method to add multiple labels to an item or easily remove a label.

Filter by label in a single click.

Filter based on multiple labels with an additional click.

Filtering with Labels and Other Attributes

To filter items on a page, click the Filter button to the right of the search bar.

This option allows you to filter your search based on a list of available attributes, including labels, as shown below.

Devices - Name, Joined, Type, Status, and Label

Forms - Name, Description, Label, and Updated At

Groups - Name and Label

Resources - Name, Description, Label, Updated At

Add a Filter by selecting a field from the Filter By drop down and typing in a keyword. Once complete, click the + button to add the filter. Continue adding filters until you are done, and then select the blue Filter button.

If a filter is present prior to searching, the search will only take place on items meeting the filter requirement(s).

Use the red Clear Filters button to remove the filters you have added.

Filters are only visible to the user that created them. They will last for one hour if they are not cleared. The number on the Filter button tells you how many filters are in use.

Use the date picker for qualifying fields.

Note: If there are no submissions that meet your filter criteria, you will see the following message:

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