Although Device Magic doesn't directly integrate with IFTTT (If This Then That), there is a way that you can connect to some of your favorite apps through IFTTT's pre built recipes and Device Magic's email destination. Here is a link to IFTTT's website for more information on different channels they integrate with: Before you get started, if you haven't already, please create an IFTTT account (

After you have created an IFTTT account and have the mobile form in Device Magic you would like to use, it's time to create your email destination. The destination email address is

The trick to getting IFTTT to recognize the email you will be sending them is making sure you customize the email to send through your own email server. This is option is available towards the bottom of your plain text email destination page.

Then, insert your SMTP details. NOTE: This will have to be the same email address that you have a registered IFTTT account with.

Right below your SMTP details, input a #hashtag of your choice (this will be used later when setting up your recipe in IFTT). I used just "#IFTTT" but you can add any { { placeholders } } or additional text to the subject line if you like.

Note: It may be easier to ensure that your SMTP details are working correctly by sending a test form submission to a personal email instead of at first.

You can then save your email destination. So far, you have an email destination set to send an email to with custom details upon a form submission. Now you can set up some recipes in IFTTT, please go to and login to your account.

Then, click on 'My Recipes'.

After, click the 'Create a Recipe' link.

Click 'this' within the 'ifthisthenthat' text, search 'Email', and click the link circled below.

Select the 'Send IFTTT an email tagged' link.

Input your subject line #hashtag from your email destination you created previously in Device Magic and click 'Create Trigger'.

Next, click 'that' in the 'ifthisthenthat' text. You can then browse or search which app you would like to create an action for. I chose one of my favorites, Evernote. After choosing your channel, you will need to give IFTTT access if you haven't already.

I chose to create a note within Evernote. This means that every form submission will now trigger a note to be created.

Now you get to choose what information is presented within your note in each section. Your 'ingredients' from your email being sent to IFTTT are now presented within different sections of the item you're creating upon a form submission. For example, in the image below, the 'Subject' ingredient (subject text from the email received) will populate the 'Title' of the note being created.

In the email destination I created, I just had '#IFTTT' in the subject line but you can include any text or #{{placeholders}} that you like. Ingredients in IFTTT are very similar to #{{placeholders}} in Device Magic because they will present the data received. When you're all set editing your ingredients, click 'Create Action'.

Lastly, you can create a 'Recipe Title' and finally 'Create Recipe'. You're now all set to test your form and IFTTT recipe.

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