Launching a particular form from an external app or website is possible on both iOS and Android via a custom registered URL scheme. This is helpful if you want devices associated with your account to be able to automatically open a form without first opening the Device Magic app.

For example:




In order to do this, however, there are three prerequisites.

One, the Forms app needs to be installed.

Two, the device being used needs to be joined (via the Forms app) to the appropriate organization.

Three, the form that is going to be launched needs to have already been downloaded onto the device being used.

To get the "formid" and the "formnamespace", put ".xml" at the end of your forms page URL.

For example:<my_org>/forms.xml

The page that will load will show your forms listed in a document tree. It is here that you will be able to see your forms, along with the "formid" and "formnamespace" details.

For example:



<name>Question Types</name>







Plug these details into the URL to make the most of this feature!

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