If you need to import more than a thousand options into a Select field, adding each options one at a time in the designer can be slow.

There are 3 methods to populate large lists of options:

Select Options from a Resource

Click here for more information on how to set this up.

Import Options from File

When viewing your select question options in the designer, you'll have the ability to import your options from a file.

Click "Import Options from File" and you'll see the following screen.

Set up your data in a spreadsheet and save it in a CSV file format or an Excel file (.xlsx). When using a .csv file, your options will need to be in the first column. (Text first, then an optional Identifier, separated by a comma). 

If you are using an Excel file, your spreadsheet will need to looks as follows. The Identifiers in Column B are optional. 

Click "Upload" and navigate to the file in your directory. After selecting your file, click "Import". 

You will then see the new options have populated in your select question, like below.

Bulk Upload

We have provided a convenient method to import these large lists directly into your target select field when importing options in the designer is slow.

Locate your form in your "Forms" list and click the gear button to the far right. Then select 'Bulk Upload.'

On the next screen, first choose your select question.
Then click "Choose File" to open your directory. Navigate to your .csv file and select it. When you are done, click "Upload options to select".

Note: Only CSV files are supported for this method of bulk uploading.

Once the file has finished uploading, refresh your forms list on your mobile device and the updated options will appear in your mobile form.

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