There may be instances where you find yourself wanting to capture multiple images in your form. There are two ways to go about this, and both are very simple to do once you know how.

The first way of going about this is to add multiple Image or Sketch question types to your form and provide each one with a different name. This is useful when you have a set number of images that you will want to have included in the form, and when you know that precise number.

The second way of going about this is only a little bit more complicated. This particular way uses Repeat Groups, and is perfect for instances where you do not have a predetermined number of images that need to be included in your form.

To start, add a Repeat Group to your form.

Name your repeat group, and add your Image question, along with any other questions you'd like to add to the Repeat Group.

Next, name your Image question.

Add any other questions you'd like to your form, and then Save and Exit.

Open the Device Magic Forms app on your device and wait for the list to sync. Once it has, you will see your new form there, ready to be filled out and submitted.

Note: When it comes to filling out the Repeat Group on the device, click "Add Answer" each time you would like to add a new image. As mentioned above, you can add as many as is needed in each individual instance.

It really is as simple as that!

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