In this article we will give you an overview of how to set up email destinations, using your own mail server.

Using your own mail server to submit data

Using your own mail server is essential to clients that want their customer to see that submissions are being sent by them. So instead of your client seeing the standard, they will see the email address you choose to use in this instance.

How to set up your own mail server in a Device Magic email Destination

You will follow the normal step by step for setting up your email destination, the only difference is that under your email options, you will now tick the box that reads Send through my own mail server.

By ticking the box, you will see a new set of fields populate right below:

Fill in the details as provided by your IT department or ISP. Once this is done you can save or update your destination.

Note: Always try to type the details instead of using copy and paste, as this can sometimes cause errors and undelivered submissions. These submissions will stay undelivered until the errors are rectified.

Every time you create a new form with the same intent for the email server settings, remember to add them. The settings are per destination and not stored in a central settings environment to be used across all forms.

Note: It is no longer possible to use personal Gmail accounts for SMTP. Gsuite/Google workspace accounts will however still work.

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