Dispatch as a Destination allows a form to be sent to any number of users once another form has been submitted. For example, you could have a vehicle inspection report which, after being submitted, routes the same information to a manager's device for approval.

Adding a Dispatch Destination

Go to your "Forms" page and click the link in the destinations column of the form you would like to add the destination to. (the one that has to be submitted before the other form is dispatched).

Note: If there are no Destinations added to your account, this button will read "0".

You'll then be brought to the Destinations page, where you can click "New Destination".

A new page will load, and on it you will see the Destination options for sending your data. Click on "Dispatch". Then, you will be asked to choose a format for your form data. Select "XML".

At this point, the "Dispatch options" will appear. Here, you will choose the form you want to dispatch to the device. You will also select the devices to which you want to send the form (you can select multiple devices from the drop-down menu).

Below that, there are fields that ask for you to fill in the name of the form as well as a description (both of which can be customized using the placeholders provided). These are optional.

The next set of fields are the form fields that can be preset, so they're filled in automatically once the form has arrived on the device.

You can also use placeholders in these fields to determine what you want these fields to say.

Note: Copy and paste the placeholder into the fields without adjusting them or removing [0]s if they're present.

For example, you can specify that "Date" is pre-populated by the entry in the "Date" field of the form, represented by the {{fields.Date}}  placeholder. 

Please note the following:

  1. Top level repeat group -> repeat group data transfer is supported. Nested repeat group data transfer currently is not supported.

  2. A signature value must be mapped to an image question in the dispatched form for the data to transfer successfully. 

  3. It's recommended that calculated questions are mapped to free text questions which can optionally be made read-only. 

Repeat Groups

To map Repeat Group placeholders, click the down caret next to your Repeat Group name, and select "Add {{Group Name}} +".

The section will expand to show the fields.

Using the first Repeat Group section placeholders under the "Fields" placeholders is recommended.

Add any placeholders or text to the fields as required.

When you're done, click "Create Destination".

Next, if you look at the device to which the Dispatch Destination has been assigned, you will see the initial form when you open Forms (once the forms list has synced).

Fill out this form, and submit it.

Once the form has been submitted, it will be uploaded to the server where it will be processed. After the submission has finished processing, the form will be dispatched to the selected devices. Refresh the forms lists on these devices, and you should see that the dispatched form has arrived on your Dispatches tab.

Open the dispatched form, and you will see that certain fields have values from the previous submission.

Those that have not are ready to be completed by the user.

Lastly, you can submit your form, which will then be sent to any destinations linked to the form.

Advanced Usage:

It is possible to use placeholders to select which device to dispatch the form to.

Using placeholders you can dynamically dispatch the form. Using {{device_id}}  for example will dispatch the form to the device that made the submission.

An advanced use case would be to optionally dispatch a form. For example

{% if fields.test == "yes" %}{{device_id}}{% endif %} 

Would only dispatch to {{device_id}}  if the test answer is "yes". You could put a static device identifier there like iPhone_9-4E45-4RR-62GGDASD08410.

You could also have a Select question in your form to decide who to dispatch to. Just make sure that the device identifiers are correct.


You can download a CSV of your devices Name/Identifiers from the dispatch transport settings box.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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