The Device Magic Database is another destination where you can send your form data. This is the only destination where we store your data for you, as opposed to forwarding it on. In this article we'll show you the steps to set it up and how to download your data.

Adding a Device Magic Destination

1. Go to your "Forms" page and click the link in the destinations column of the form you would like to add the destination to. This will take you to the "Destinations" page, or select Destinations from the settings menu.

Note: If there are no destinations added to your account, this button will read "0".

2. Click "New Destination".

A new page will load and on it you will see different destinations to send your data.

3. Select the "Device Magic Database" destination and then the "Spreadsheet" format.

If you like, you can add a Description in your "Destination Options" box, but this isn't necessary.

4. Click the "Create Destination" button at the bottom of the page, and you will be taken back to your "Forms" page.

Note: Any data submitted before the Device Magic Database destination was added to the form, will not appear on the Device Magic Database Submissions page. If you'd like data resubmitted to this destination, please contact

It should also be noted that if you are experiencing errors with the Google Sheet Connection (resulting in stuck forms) the Device Magic Database is a good alternative for those on the free plan. To read more about how to redeliver stuck forms, you can view our article on it here.

Other Device Magic Database Capabilities:

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