Accessing your forms

To create a new form, select the Forms icon on the left hand menu of your Management Console and click the + New Form button.

Note: When your trial account is first configured, you will see that we have installed some demo forms to get you started. Feel free to play around with them to get a better understanding of how the form builder works.

The Form Builder Menu

Clicking the + New Form button, or selecting an existing form to edit, will redirect you to the web-based form builder. This is where you create and edit your organization's forms.

On the top you will see a row of buttons containing the following options:

  • Help – opens the Device Magic Help Center in a new window;

  • Tools – gives you the option to import or export a form;

  • Save & Close – gives you the option to save, close and save, or close the form without saving.

How the Designer Works

You can give your form a name and description, then add questions by clicking or dragging fields from the toolbox on the left.

The toolbox contains different question types:

  • Free Text - for any combination of alphanumeric characters;

  • Yes/No - for questions with a Yes or No answer;

  • Select - for questions with a set number of predefined options;

  • Date - for selecting the date;

  • Time - for selecting the time;

  • Date + Time - for selecting the date and time;

  • Decimal - for entering a value with a decimal;

  • Integer - for entering whole numbers;

  • Location - for tagging the GPS location;

  • Email - for entering a valid email;

  • Phone No. - for entering a phone number;

  • Image - for capturing or selecting an image from a gallery;

  • Signature - for getting a signature;

  • Barcode - for scanning a barcode;

  • Sketch - for annotating or sketching on provided or captured images;

  • Password - for verifying a predefined password.

The toolbox also contains several special fields:

  • Calculated - for setting logical or mathematical expressions;

  • Attached File - a document added to the form for reference;

  • Repeat Group - for allowing questions to be answered multiple times;

  • Sub Form - for breaking down forms by category.

For more detailed articles on each question type, click here.

About your Question Fields

Your questions can be renamed with the label of your choice. Every question has a range of settings and advanced settings on the right that you can adjust to suit your needs. Here is an example:

What happens when you are done building your Form?

When you are done building your form, click Save & Close.

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