Device Magic sends various emails relating to activity on your account. One example is our Weekly Activity Digest which gives you an overview of your account for the past week:

If you want to opt-out of receiving these emails, you will need to edit your Personal Settings. To do so, login to and locate the Personal Settings either first click on your email address in the top right hand corner of your Dashboard and then click Personal Settings: 

OR click "Settings" in the left hand navigation bar and then click "Personal Settings":

Now you should see your Personal Settings. From here you can easily change your password and adjust other preferences.

Decide if you would no longer like to receive the Weekly Account Activity Email and uncheck the box under Email Notifications. Unchecking this box will automatically save this setting.

If it is marketing emails you no longer wish to receive, you will need to follow the unsubscribe link included at the bottom of the email.

This concludes our overview of "Manage which emails I receive from Device Magic". If you continue to have difficulties, please reach out to us at

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