What is a web store?

A web store is page you can access for each form. Here you will find a list of all your submissions. All web stores are created by default on creation of a new form.

How it works

To access your web store, go to your forms list and click the linked number in the submissions column next to your form or click on the settings button on the right hand side of the form and click on "Submissions".

Note: If there are no submissions this form, this button will read "0".

You'll then be redirected to your web store page.

Note: If you do not have a Device Magic Database, click here to learn how to add one.

If you have submissions in your Device Magic Database/Web store, you will see a list like this:

Web Store Capabilities

Download Form Submissions

It is possible to download all your form's submissions or selected submissions in an Excel or CSV file format. For more information on how to do so, click here.

Resend Submissions

Resending submissions can be useful when you have created a new destination you would like to send an old submission to. Resending a submission also saves time when testing your destination delivery or custom template without having to submit a brand new form. For more details on ways to resend submissions, click here.

Edit Submission Values

It is possible to change an answer of a previously submitted form by editing the submission data. This can come in handy when an incorrect answer has been submitted. Click here for more information on editing form submissions.

Preview your PDF Template

If you would like to see what your form's PDF report will look like when a new submission is made, you can view a preview of the PDF in your Device Magic Database. To learn more, click here

View on Map

Clicking on the "View on Map" button, will direct you to a new page, where you can view all your submission locations. These submission locations will contain additional submitted information with a view of Google Maps. For more information on this, click here.


Click on a column header to sort your submission rows. The arrow icon in the screenshot below indicates which column is used to sort.

Filtering Submissions in the Web-Store

It is possible to filter your submissions list by using the Filter button found on the search bar in the upper right.

While the search bar alone will simply search your submissions for a matching value, the filter button will let you filter down your search based on the answer to one or more form fields. Similarly, if a filter is present prior to search, the search will only be on previously filtered submissions.

Add a Filter by selecting a field from the “Filter By” dropdown and typing in the Keyword you would like to filter by. Once the “Filter By” and “Keyword” fields are filled in, click the blue plus button to add the filter. You will see all the Filters you have added listed here.  

Continue adding Keywords until you are done, and then select the blue “Filter” button to filter your list. Use the red “Clear Filters” button to clear the filters you have added.

Other important things to know about filtering:

1. Filters for the same fields use OR. Filters for different fields use AND. (Question 1 equals “A” OR Question 1 equals “B” AND Question 2 equals “5”.)

For example:

In this example, we added two filters using the “Submitted” field and one using the “Upload Image Field is Blank” field. This means we are searching for forms that were submitted on either 11/13/2019 OR 9/13/2019 AND have an answer of “Yes” for “Upload Image Field is Blank”. (Note the AND tag in your filter list - these helper tags will appear automatically.)

2. Filters will persist in the user’s Device Magic Database for one hour unless they are manually removed by the user. This is on a per user, per form basis. You can view how many filters are currently in use by the red badge on the Filter button

3. A keyword is always required to add a filter.

4. Use the date picker to filter by date fields

If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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