What is a web store?

A web store is page you can access for each form. Here you will find a list of all your submissions. All web stores are created by default on creation of a new form.

How it works

To access your web store, go to your forms list and click the button in the submissions column next to your form or click on the 3 dashes below each other on the right hand side of the form and click on submissions.

Note: If there are no submissions this form, this button will read "0".

You'll then be redirected to your web store page.

If you have submissions in your Device Magic Database/Web store, you will see a list like this:

Here you will be able to resubmit, remove some or all your web store date your data by selecting on or many of the existing submissions.

With "Download Selected", you can download submissions of your choice to two different formats:

With "Download All", you can download all your submissions for the specific form in 2 different formats or you can have a link emailed to you, to download the file.

With "View on Map", you can view all your submission location, with additional submitted information with a view of Google Maps. You can also filter through these submissions.

This concludes our overview of the web store. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com or leave us a comment below.

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