In this article we will give an overview of changing the default text on the button for a repeat group.

Default Functionality

By default, your app will display an "Add Item" button on Repeat Groups, which will allow users to add entries to the group. Then, once the first entry has been added, the button will update to show the answers that were selected inside. 

For example, the screenshot below shows the summary of a group with an Integer question and a Date question inside.

Set the Summary of Your Repeat Group

This summary text is customizable, and can be updated to display the answers in another format. It can also be used to display something other than the answers that were selected.

1. Open the form in the designer and select "Show Advanced Settings"

2. Click "Set Summary"

3. Now build your summary expression

Remember you can always use the function builder via the "Add Function" button to help. 

Useful Examples:

Let's say your Repeat Group has 2 questions inside: an Integer question called "Quantity" and a Decimal question called "Unit Cost"

You could set the Summary on this Repeat group to calculate the Total Cost by entering the expression Quantity * Unit_Cost . This will multiply the answers in the corresponding fields and display the solution in the Summary.

Create a String of Answers

Use the CONCATENATE function to create a string.

For example:

CONCATENATE("Answer: ", Quantity, " x ", Unit_Cost)

This will display the following:

Answer: 5 x 10.50

This concludes our overview of the Set Summary feature. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at

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