There can be multiple reasons why submitted data isn't arriving in a Google Drive connection. Often the data is arriving, but in a different sheet as in the screenshot below:

We deliver data to a new sheet when your form schema is changed, typically by editing the form in our designer.

Google Sheet Limitations:

The following changes will result in a new tab being created and the next delivery will be sent there:

  • Saving the mobile form - When a submission from the updated version is sent to the sheet, a new tab will be created, and the delivery sent there.
  • Editing column headers generated by Device Magic.
  • Adding an additional column header.

In all other cases you will see a Delivery Error reported on your dashboard like so:

The reasons behind such a delivery error to a Google Doc are beyond the scope of this FAQ, but some common causes are:

  • Sheet has exceeded the cell-limit set by Google Docs.
  • Sheet has exceeded the number of columns (based on the number of fields defined in your form).

The delivery error may contain information that points to the causes above. You can attempt to resolve the issue by adding a second Google Doc connection in parallel to your existing one. It doesn't matter if the the sheet name is a duplicate of the original.

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