In this article we will be giving an overview of a Dispatch workflow with multiple Destinations.

Dispatch workflow with Multiple Destinations

What is Dispatch?

Dispatch is a feature with two functions. You can either partially complete a form and send it to a device for final completion OR you can have 1 form with different versions, setup in a workflow to be completed by various users on mobile devices, with various types of Destinations.

How does it work?

In this example we are going to have a look at a Dispatch workflow with various Destinations.

You will have a 3 step workflow that will include 3 departments:

* Sales

* Technical

* Finance

Let’s say you have 2 different forms:

1. New Client Installation (Completed by the sales team)

2. Job Card (Completed by the technical team)

After these 2 forms are completed, all this information needs to go to the Finance department for invoicing.

How do you automate this process without having multiple documents sent to one department and with various people signing off on completion and receiving the documents at the right time?

In this case you will have 3 forms in your Forms list. One always containing more information than the next.

Here are our 3 forms for the various departments, distinguished by adding a Label for each:

New Client Installation – Sales Department

New Client Installation – Technician

New Customer Installation – Technical Supervisor

Now that you have the flow and how the forms will look on each submission, you will be able to proceed to setup the Destinations for each form.

NOTE: I will use the same device for all Dispatch Destinations, but the devices can be different.

Sales Department Destination setup

Access the form by clicking on it in your forms list. This will take you to this form's Summary page. Once on this page, click New Destination.

Click Dispatch, XML

Leave as is, unless you want images and signature to go elsewhere.

Name Your destination and make sure it is set to “Active”.

Download the sample XML if you wish.

Select the form you want to Dispatch. This will be the form you want to go to the technician. Then select the device of the technician.

Use the placeholders to do the following:

  • Name your Dispatch

  • Give the form a Description

  • Populate fields on the form the technician will receive with values from the form being submitted.

(Using placeholder to name your form and give it a description will make it easier for the users to know which form to complete next.)

See examples below:

Finally, click on create destination.

Your Dispatch Destination has been created successfully when you are redirected to the Destinations screen.

Now you can create an additional Destination, because you want the Technical supervisor to know what jobs are coming in.

Click on “New Destination”

In this case, you can just create a plain text email Destination so the supervisor can see the jobs coming.

Name your Destination

Leave the plain text email options as is, for now. Enter the Destination email address. This would be the email address of the supervisor. Leave the rest of the information as is.

Click on “Create Destination

Here are your Destinations for the Sales Department version of the form:

Technician Destination setup

Now you need to move on to the Destinations for the technician’s form, so when it is submitted it goes to the right place.

Access the form by clicking on it in your forms list. This will take you to this form's Summary page. Once on this page, click New Destination.

Now you repeat the same process with the Dispatch Destination as you did with the first one you setup. Only this time, it will include the submission data of the technician’s form and show us the questions for the Supervisor form.

See below:

Click Create destination

Technical Supervisor Destination setup

On the third form you will have no Dispatch Destination, but 2 PDF Destinations instead. This data will be submitted after the Technical supervisor has completed the final form.

Once the form is completed, you can notify the sales team that the job has been completed and signed off by the supervisor as well as the accounts team so they can go ahead with the billing.

For the sales team you can create an email “Notification”, to say the job has been completed, by creating a PDF Destination with a custom template. On this template you can limit the amount of information that the sales team can view on the document.

Click “New Destination”

Select “Email and “PDF”

Complete as you see fit.

Expand your Adobe PDF options

Download the sample Template to amend accordingly

Page one of the sample template will provide helpful tips and best practices for setting up a custom PDF template. After the first page, you will find each placeholder for each individual field you will need to use to make this template suitable for the sales department.

So now you can remove the cover page and start editing your template to remove some of the fields that the sales department does not need access to.

The sales team only needs to se the date, client information, installation type, the technician’s comments as well as the client and technician and supervisor signatures, so on the word template you will only use these fields:



Client Name




Contact Person


Contact Number


Installation Type


Date/ Time of Installation






Customer Signature


Technician Signature


Supervisor Signature


Once amended, you can upload this template and make sure the “Use advanced template options” box is ticked.

Complete the rest of the information as per normal and create your destination. Remember to enter the sales email address in the “Destination E-mail” field

Now you can apply this same method to for the accounts department, only this time, you will not remove any placeholders from the template as the accounts department needs to have all the information at hand.

The Technical Supervisor destination list should now look like this:

What have we achieved?

We have achieved a dispatch workflow with multiple Destinations. Here is a brief recap:

3 forms:

Sales department completes the first from

From there it gets Dispatched to the technician’s device

The Technical supervisor gets a “Job Notification” email

The Technician completes the second form

The form gets Dispatched to the Technical supervisor’s device

The Technical Supervisor completes the third form

The form gets emailed in PDF format with limited view to the sales department

The form gets emailed in PDF format to the Accounts department with all the details the were captured.

This concludes our overview of Dispatch workflow. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at

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