Resending submissions to specified destinations is possible through the Device Magic Database destination.

To start, navigate to your "Forms" page from your Organization's Dashboard.

Click the button in the submissions column next to your form or click on the settings icon on the right hand side of the form and click on "Submissions".

Note: If there are no submissions this form, this button will read "0".

You'll then be redirected to your Device Magic Database web store page.
If you have submissions in your Device Magic Database Destination, you will see a list like this:

Here you will be able to resubmit, remove some or all your web store data by selecting one or many of the existing submissions. 

Resend a Single Submission

To resend a single submission, scroll to the right and click on the arrow in the submission's row.

Resend Multiple Submissions

To resend a selection of submissions, select the submissions on the left-hand-side (blue tick) and click on "Resend Selected".

Note: To select all submissions on the page, tick the box at the top-left. 

Note: If your Device Magic Destination was deleted and you need to recover you submissions, please re-add the Device Magic Destination to your form's destinations and reach out to who will be able to assist in resending your submissions.

Select Target Destination

Note, edited submission values will only be sent to Word or PDF destinations. The originally submitted values will be sent to all other destinations.

Once you've clicked the single resend arrow or "Resend Selected" button, a window will pop up with a list of the different destinations linked to that particular form.

Select the destinations to which you would like the submission to be sent and then click "Resend". The form will then be resent to those destinations. The expected processing time for resent submissions is one hour or less.

Note: Even if your Destination is Disabled (inactive), you will be able to resend submissions to the destination using the above method. Only new submissions will not automatically trigger the disabled destination.

Other Device Magic Database Capabilities:

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