Location Field

The Location Field is used to show GPS information based on the location of the device. It is done automatically by Geolocation. Always ensure that location services is turned on, on your device.

In Builder:

App UI:

Location Mobile App Features 

Relocating GPS Pin

Location Accuracy

Once Capture Location is clicked on the Location question, a grey bar will appear at the bottom of the location map showing an Improving accuracy... message followed by the accuracy distance. This message is a live update of the current accuracy of the location, which will set the accuracy automatically to determine a location.

Please note, if the option to determine the location as soon as form opens is selected in the Location field's properties within the form builder, the location will be set automatically upon opening the form. At that point, there would be an option to Recapture Location in order to improve location accuracy if needed. A location can be recaptured as many times as required.

Once the location is set, a green dot will be generated at the location on the map along with the location's Latitude, Longitude, and Accuracy information. Note this "Improving accuracy..." message will time out after one minute if a sufficient location accuracy cannot be obtained.

However, if "Set Current Accuracy" is clicked while the "Improving accuracy..." message is displayed, the answer will automatically be set to where the blue GPS pin is currently located on the map.

Map Overlays

When you click on a location map value in the mobile form, additional options are shown.

Question without map overlay  

You'll notice that the question states how far away the pin is from your current location. The option to toggle between miles and kilometers for this measurement can be found by clicking the information icon in the top right corner. The option to toggle between "Map" and "Satellite" views for the map is also present. 

By clicking "Get Directions", the Maps app will open and the directions to the dropped pin will populate.

Question with map overlay 

Additional options not mentioned above: 

  1. Slider - Adjust the opacity of the image overlaying the map.

  2. Off button - Don't show the image overlaying the map. 

Field Properties:


Name the field.

Overlay Resource:

Select a map overlay resource. 

Determined as soon as form opens:

Check this option so the location of the device is recorded the moment one opens the form.

Users can Manually override

Advanced Settings:


This allows you to give a hint to help people answer a specific question. This will be displayed below the field, on the device.

Initial Answer:

A default answer provided by you, placed in the question field. This text can be removed by the user.


How the field is identified in the form (the name of the field). You can also provide custom identifiers for long questions, to simplify template creation. Even though longer identifiers take up more space on the template, the data pertaining to that placeholder may not use all the given space and could possibly throw your template out of bounds.


  • Always (always shows in the form and returns answers in submissions)

  • Only When (only shows in the form and returns answers in submissions under certain conditions – decided upon by you when you click the “Set Rule” button that appears)


  • Never (one is never required to answer it in order to submit the form)

  • When It's active (one has to answer this question in order to submit the form)

  • When It's active and... (one only needs to answer the question under certain conditions – decided upon by you when you click the “Set Rule” button that appears)


  • Never (not a read-only question)

  • Always (always a read-only question)

  • Only When (only a read-only question under certain conditions – decided upon by you when you click the “Set Rule” button that appears)

Validate Value:

Allows you to set a rule so as to ensure the question is answered according to a particular condition.

You are also able to set an error message so as to indicate to the person how they went wrong with their answer and what they need to do in order to correct it.

Timestamp answer:

Records down the time the question was answered.

Geostamp answer:

Records down the location where the question was answered.

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