Our Data Binding feature allows you to pre-populate question fields in Repeat Groups. For example, you would use this feature if you have equipment that needs to be quality checked and the ones needing to be checked changes on a weekly basis.

Note: This feature is only available for non-nested repeat groups. Repeat groups within other groups (subform or repeat group) are not supported.

Set up Data Binding

Go to the "Advanced" section in the Properties box of a Repeat Group. Click the "Set Data Binding" button.

The "Select file to attach" box will appear. Select the Excel spreadsheet resource that you want to use (you can also upload an Excel spreadsheet resource from here, if you don't have it uploaded already).

Next, if there are multiple sheets in your Excel resource, you will need to specify which sheet is going to be used. This is done with the drop-down menu titled "Data Binding Table" that is beneath the "Set Data Binding" button.

Now add a question for the Equipment name, along with any other questions you would like to have filled in by the Excel spreadsheet or the user.

Note: For each row in the spreadsheet, a new Repeat Group will be generated.

For the questions that you want filled in by the Excel spreadsheet, you will have to set the "Value binding" drop-down (found in the "Advanced" section in the Properties box of the questions) to the relevant columns in the Excel spreadsheet.

You can do this for each of the questions that you want pre-populated with information from the spreadsheet. 

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