It is now possible to have a select field in your form pull options from a resource. In this article we'll be giving a walkthrough of how to set this up for your mobile form.

To do this you simply need to upload an Excel resource with a basic format:

  • The first row is the column headers (These headers should stay exactly the same when updating your resource in the future)
  • The rest of the rows are data
  • Do not use any commas or ampersand signs
  • Make sure there are no empty rows in between data
  • Do not include any duplicate values within a column that will be assigned to the select question’s identifier column


Once you have a resource you can attach it to your Select question in the Designer.

1. First click on your Select question then select "Select options from Resource" in the Field Properties Box on the right hand side.

2. Next click on "Select Options Resource" and either upload the excel file or select the resource you uploaded previously from the File List.

3. Finally just select the Table/Worksheet, the Column to use as the Identifier (what gets sent to the server when you select a value) and the Column to use for the Text (what the user sees on your form)

Then save the form, close / refresh the app on your mobile device and you are all done. If you need to make any edits to your select list, just simply edit your resource and this will take effect on all associated forms.

This concludes our walkthrough of utilizing a resource in a select question. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at or leave us a comment below.

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