What are Resources?

Resources are files you can upload into your account to reference in your forms. For example, you can upload a list of email addresses as an Excel file to use as Select question options. You could also upload an image of a floor plan to utilize as a background for a Sketch question.

"Resources" includes the following features:

Add a Resource

The first step in setting up Resources is clicking on the "Resources" button on the toolbar of your organization page.

This will take you to the Resources page, where you will be able to upload and edit your files.

Note: Your resource page will say "You have no resources yet" if no resources have been added.

Once you have navigated to the Resources Page, click "New Resource".

You will be directed to another page where you have the option to select the type of resource you would like to use.

Step 1: Select Resource Type

Currently we have 4 resource types:

  • Upload File

  • Device Magic Live Database (Learn more here)

  • Google Sheets Live Resource (Learn more here)

  • Map Overlay (Learn more here)

  • SQL Live Resource (Learn more here)

Click on "Upload file" and additional steps appear will below. 

Step 2: Upload your Resource

Click on "Choose file" and a window with your computer's file directory should appear. Select the file you would like to upload as a resource (supported file types are .xlsx, .pdf, .png, or .jpg), then click "Choose".

For more information on Excel spreadsheet requirements, click here:

Accepted Upload File Types:

  • .xlsx

  • .png

  • .jpg / .jpeg

  • .pdf

Step 3: Add a description

Here you have the option to give your resource a description. This could be a name relating to the resource file name of any other description of your choice. 

Step 4: Create Resource

When you are ready, click the "Create Resource" button. 

You will then be directed back to your Resources page, where you will see the resource you've added. 

Note: If your resource file is very large, it may take some time to upload. In your Resource list, you will see that under "Status" it will show "Processing". When your resource is ready to be used, this will change to "Ready".

If you'd like to edit the resource, click the settings icon to the far right. For more information on how to update a resource, click here.

It is also possible to add labels to your resources. For more information on labels click here.

Now your resource is ready to be used in your forms. They can be linked inside your Forms Designer, while creating a new form or editing an existing form. 

Articles on connecting Resources to Forms:

If you have any questions or comments please send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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