The E-mail Destination allows you to send data from your forms in text format to various different email addresses. This is the most basic of Destinations and is automatically added to a form when it is created. Multiple E-mail Destinations can be added to a form, and multiple email addresses can be included in each E-mail Destination. We'll give an overview of setting up this destination below.

To set up this destination, go to your Forms page and locate your form. Then, click the settings icon to view the menu and select Destinations. On the following page, click New Destination.

Note: By default, two destinations are added every form created.

Note: Depending on the subscription package you have, your available destination options will vary.

A new page will load, and on it you will see different destinations to send your data. In this example, E-mail has been selected. After selecting the destination, choose the Plain text format.

Supported Formats

Plain Text

Adobe .pdf

Word .docx

Excel .xlsx




In Step 3, you can specify that images, signatures and sketches are sent to a different service other than Device Magic. See this help article for more information.

Step 4 provides the option to add a Description to your destination. You can also set your destination to be active or inactive here. When the Active box is unchecked, the destination will not deliver submitted data.

Next, you will see the Plain Text Options. Open this section by clicking Show Options and check the box that says Customize the text if you would like to change the Device Magic default text.

You can also include placeholders for questions in your form in the body of the text. By clicking on the button that says Show me my placeholders, you will see all the placeholders applicable to your form.

At the bottom of the Text configuration options section, you can choose to have the template rendered in html.

Beneath that section, there is the E-mail Configuration section. Here is where you add to where you want the data submissions sent. You can type in an email address, and you can choose to have the email sent to an email address specified by an answer in the form.

One of the options is "Connect to custom server". This will allow you to view additional options relating to sending the email through your own SMTP server.

The Allow Large Attachments checkbox will extend the size of attachments to 50MB if your email provider supports larger attachments.

Next, you will see a check box that will let you customize the email's subject line. You can type in your own text, or you can use placeholders from your form. If you have selected a custom server, you will also see the option to provide a custom Reply-To address.

Lastly, is the option for large file privacy. We are unable to send an email attachment larger than 10MB. Setting this option to Private includes a link that requires the recipient to login to Device Magic to view the file. Setting to Public allows any user with access to the link to view the file.

In Step 7, you have the option to create Destination Rules for when you want the Destination to be active. To learn more Destination Rules, visit this article.

Lastly, click the Create Destination button at the bottom of the page.

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Filtering Destination Deliveries by IP Address

We’ve received a few requests asking about firewall restrictions for the IP addresses of our destination deliveries. Check out this article for more information on how Device Magic’s delivery services work, and how that relates to specific IP addresses for those services.

Extra Note: GMail SMTP Settings

Working example with GMail:

Note: You need to enable access for less secure apps to use SMTP details when sending through Gmail.

Visit after logging into your Google account.

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