What is a Destination?

A destination is the end point where a submitted form's data will be delivered. This includes captured text, images, and metadata.

For information on our in-transit data security, please see this article.

Setting up a Destination

To set up a destination, go to your Forms page and locate your form. Then, click the gear icon to view the menu and select Destinations. On the following page, click New Destination.

Note: By default, two destinations are added for every form you create.

Note: Depending on the subscription package you have, your available destination options will vary.

Select your destination and a format. Available formats will vary based on the selected destination.

In Step 3, you can specify that images, signatures and sketches are sent to a different service other than Device Magic. See this help article for more information.

Step 4 provides the option to add a Description to your destination. You can also set your destination to be active or inactive here. When the Active box is unchecked, the destination will not deliver submitted data.

Additional customization options are available in the next step for the previously defined format.

Additional information will be required in step 6 depending on the destination previously selected.

In Step 7, you have the option to create Destination Rules for when you want the Destination to be active. To learn more Destination Rules, visit this article.

Lastly, click the Create Destination button at the bottom of the page.

For questions or comments please send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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