There are many ways to format the answers to your date-time questions depending on how you would like them to be displayed on your template. Listed below are all the date-time formatting options available to you.

Each of these options should be added to the end of your field name using the formatting below. 

{{fields.Question_Identifier|date_time_format: "%Y-%m-%d"}} 

Use combinations of these to format Date-Time answers in word templates.

Note: You cannot use [] or {} in the formatting of your options. In order to use a comma in your format you will need to enclose the date formatting options in " ".
{{fields.Date|date_time_format: "%B %d, %Y"}}


If you wanted to display the date as "01 June 2016" you could use:
{{fields.Date|date_time_format: "%d %B %Y"}}

If you wanted to display the date as "2016/06/01 10:05" you could use:
{{fields.DateTime|date_time_format: "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"}}

If you want to display the time without seconds as "21:45" use:

{{fields.Time_Question|date_time_format: "%H:%M"}}

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