Location questions can now be formatted to display however you like by using a template with the options below.

You simply provide a layout for the parts of the location using the placeholders from this:

List of Location formatting options:

%lat - The latitude

%long - The longitude

%alt - The altitude

%hAccuracy - The horizontal accuracy

%vAccuracy - The vertical accuracy

%timestamp - The time when the location was determined

Use combinations of these to format Location answers in Word templates.

e.g. {{fields.Location|show_coordinate_info: "%lat, %long"}} - will display the map, and location as "-31.291513, 18.124152345"


Location questions can now be resized in the same way as image questions.

e.g. {{fields.LocationQuestion|100x100}} - Will resize the map to 100x100 (any numbers can be used here)


The map image displayed can be set to link to google maps. Simply set hyperlink: true.

e.g. {{fields.LocationQuestion|hyperlink: true}}


By default a map image is shown. You can now disable this with hide_map: true

##{{fields.LocationQuestion|hide_map: true}}

Other Useful Examples:
This example will hide the map and only display the Latitude and Longitude. (Note the comma before hide_map)

{{fields.Location_Question|show_coordinate_info: "%lat, %long" ,hide_map: true}}

Note: You cannot use [] or {} in the layout. If you want to display commas , you need to surround the layout in quotation marks - e.g. "%lat, %long"

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