Device Magic administrators have the option to add users and assign them roles within their organization. In this article, we'll give an overview of these two features.

Add a User

First, navigate to your Management Console. On the left side of the page you'll see a "Settings" button. Click that button and then click the "Manage Users and Roles" link that appears underneath. You'll then be brought to a separate page.

On your "Users & Roles" page, you'll see two tabs: Users and Roles. On the Users screen you will see your list of current users, their role, and when they joined your organization. You'll have the option to edit a user by clicking the gear icon to the far right of the user's information, and selecting Edit. To add a user, click the "+ New User" button in the top right.

Next, input the email for your new user, select their Role (see more about Roles below) and click the "Create user" button. Please note, if you leave the default role of "Owner" for your user, they'll have full administrator access to your account.

Edit User Roles

If you ever need to edit a user's role, simply click the Edit button in the row of the user.

Then select the new role from the dropdown.

Click "Update User" and your done!

Managing User Roles

Next, we'll go over managing user roles. After creating your user, you'll be brought back to your "Users & Roles" page. From there, click the "Roles" tab. A list of your available roles will appear. To add a new role, click "+ New Role".

Then, you'll be brought to your "New Role" page where there will be a list of "Permissions" to choose from. There are multiple permissions to add to your role that range from being able to add a form to updating billing information.

At the top of your "Properties" box, you can add the name of the role. In the example below, I chose the name "Dispatcher".

For this role, I only enabled Dispatch functionality. This user will only be able to read, create, update, and destroy dispatches.

After selecting all of the needed roles, click "Create role".

The "Manage Roles" page will then load with your updated list of roles. If you ever need edit a role, click the gear icon to the far right of the associated role.

Removing a User

Please see this article for more details on how to delete users.

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