Device Magic Management Console administrators have the option to add Users and assign them Roles within their organization.

Users have access to the Management Console and can be given permission to view submissions, build and edit forms, or approve new devices, for example.

In this article, we'll give an overview of Users and Roles.

Users & Roles

In your Management Console, click the "Settings" button. Then click the "Manage Users and Roles" link that appears underneath. You'll be directed to your User List.

On your "Users & Roles" page, you'll see two tabs:

  • Users

  • Roles

Managing Users

On the Users screen you will see your list of current users, when they joined your organization, their Group Access and their current Role.

Add a New User

To add a user, click the "+ New User" button in the top right.

Next, input the email for your new user, then select their Role (see more about Roles below) and click the "Create user" button.

An email will automatically be sent to the new user asking them to log in and set up a new password.

Note: If you leave the default role of "Owner" for your user, they'll have full administrator access to your account.

Edit a User Email

It is not currently possible to edit an existing user's email address, however you can add the new email as a new User email and delete the old User.

Note: For more info on deleting Users, see this article.

Editing the Name and Phone number of a user will need to be done by the User in their Personal settings.

Edit a User Role

If you ever need to edit a user's role, simply click the Edit button in the row of the user.

Then select the new role from the dropdown and click "Update user".

Removing a User

Please see this article for more details on how to delete Users and Owners.

Note: Owners will need to be assigned to a different Role before they can be deleted.

Managing Roles

Click the "Roles" tab. A list of your available Roles will appear.

Add a New Role

To add a new role, click "+ New Role".

You'll be brought to your "New Role" page.

At the top of your "Properties" box, you can add the Name of the role.
Under "Permissions" there will be a list of "Permissions" to choose from.

There are multiple Permissions options to add to your Role:

  • All - Gives access to all permissions. Checking this option will overrule other options checked, but does not give access to Online Forms.

  • Online Forms - All users with this permission will be given access to Web Forms and will be billed as an additional device. More info here.

  • Form

  • Destinations

  • Form Submissions and Device Magic Database

  • Submission Errors and Undelivered Submissions

  • Devices

  • Resources

  • Dispatches

  • Groups

  • Organization Activity / Audit Log

  • Users

  • User Roles

  • Organization and Billing Settings

  • Lists

For most Permissions, you'll have the option to allow users to "read" , "create", "update" and "destroy".

Form example, the role below will allow the user to only be able to read, create, update, and destroy Dispatches.

After selecting all of the needed roles, click "Create role".

The "Manage Roles" page will then load with your updated list of roles.

Edit a Role

To edit a role, click the gear icon to the far right of the associated role.

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