What are Groups?

A Group is a container to which you can link forms and devices. You can link one device to multiple groups and multiple forms to a single group.

This feature is ideal for users that only need access to specific forms. For example, when you want to separate your sales team and your technicians' forms.

Setting up Groups

Setting up your groups are simple. On your navigation bar, click on Groups, as shown below:

Two Groups are setup on creation of your organization, Default and Unpublished.

Default is where all your created forms will appear to which all devices have access to by default and the unpublished group will be where any of your copied forms will go on duplication.

Click on the green "New Group" button and enter a name for the specific group ("Sales" in the below example"):

Now edit the group and assign your device and forms:

Click the blue "Update Group" button and you are all set.

This is how it will look on an Android device:

You can also assign devices to groups by going to your device settings. Click the gear icon and select Edit Device to reach the edit screen.

After you assign the device to the required groups, click the "Update device settings" button.

This concludes our overview for Groups. If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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