There may be some instances where a form that was successfully saved in the Form Designer is unable to be opened in the mobile app.  

Error Message

When a form is unable to be opened in the app, you will see a red ⚠️ symbol next to the form name.

When you attempt to open the form you will receive the following error message:

"Oh, no! Unable to open this form. Please contact our support to figure out what's going wrong."

Examples of Issues that cause this error:

Empty Conditional Rules

1. Issue: One or more questions have lost their Active / Required / Read-only / Validation Rule conditions. This can occur if an associated field was deleted.
Fix: Re-enter conditions and save.


Invalid Calculated Questions Expressions

1. Issue: Using a text field / select options / lookup to do calculations.

Fix: Only numerical values can be used in calculations. Use the TO_NUMBER() function to change a text value to a numerical value.

Price_Lookup * QTY_select_question - Lookup & Select Question are text values.

TO_NUMBER(Price_Lookup) * TO_NUMBER(QTY_select_question) - Surround each text value with the TO_NUMBER() function to change the value to a number.

2. Issue: If statement expression is missing an else argument.
Fix: IF statements should always contain an else argument.

IF(Question_1 = 1, “pass”) - No else argument.

IF(Question_1 = 1, “pass”,”fail”) - Contains the else argument: "false".

IF(Question_1 = 1, “pass”,””) - Empty value in quotes is also acceptable: " ".

3. Issue: LOOKUP expression does not have 5 arguments.
Fix: Re-create your LOOKUP expression so it contains exactly 5 arguments.

- Invalid, as only contains 4 arguments.

- Valid, contains 5 arguments.

4. Issue: No parentheses around negative numbers.
Fix: Add parentheses around negative numbers.

ADDDAYS(Date_Question,Days * (-1))

Invalid Initial Answer Expressions

1.Issue: A DATE() function that doesn’t contain 3 numerical arguments.
Fix: Add 3 numerical fields or values.

DATE(NOW()) - Needs 3 values to populate the date automatically, only has 1.
DATE(YEAR(NOW()),MONTH(NOW()),DAY(NOW())) - Use this expression to populate the current date.


If you are unable to find the cause of the error or correct it successfully, please contact our support team at with the following details:

  • Org Key:

  • Name of Form:

  • Name of Device:

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