What is a Dispatch?

A Dispatch is a feature that allows you to send a one-time form to a specific device, with the option of pre-populating certain fields. This helps automate the data collection process. Once the dispatched form is submitted by the user it will disappear from the device. Since this particular form will never be used again, this is a perfect way to keep the forms list on the mobile device concise and ordered.

Create a New Dispatch

You can access the Dispatches page through the Dispatches tab on the left navigation menu. You can also reach it through a specific Form’s summary screen

Once on the Dispatch Screen, click “New Dispatch” and select “Single Dispatch”.

You will then begin setting up your Dispatch. Step 1 will ask you to select the form you would like to send, and the device you would like to send it to. Step 2 will ask you to give the dispatched form a name and a description, which will be visible to the device user.

Step 3 will allow you to choose what answers automatically appear as responses to form questions. Type your answer, or select from the drop down.

When you have finished filling in any fields you would like to pre-populate, select Submit Dispatch to send this form to the selected device. 

The form will appear in the Dispatches tab of the device user’s app.

You can view and manage any outstanding Dispatches in your Dispatches tab.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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