You can choose to display non-text files such as images and signatures on your document output, or save them to another service. This will be set up under Step 3 when creating a new Destination.

Note: This option is only available when creating a Destination and can not be changed or added when editing a previously created Destination.

Select a service from the dropdown menu to deliver images, signatures and sketches to.

Selecting Image Options

As shown above, you will see a dropdown menu with options including None (inline) and several other services.

None (inline)

When None (inline) is selected, your image(s) will be present in the document created by the destination. This is the default option.


If you prefer that your image files be saved to another service, select that service from the list. The available options are:



  • Google Drive;

  • Microsoft OneDrive;

  • Amazon S3;

  • SFTP.

When you choose one of these services, a folder path or hyperlink to the image file(s) will be included in the document output for the destination. Google Drive will provide a hyperlink, while the other services will provide a folder path. To generate shared hyperlinks for other supported services, see the Generating Shared Links section below.

Note: If you choose to use any of these services, you will need to complete authorization in Step 7.

During Step 7, authorize

The option to generate shared links for images is available for Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive

Enable the Generate share path option.


Choose the desired result in the Link settings drop down.


The results will vary depending on the format and Destination chosen. Below are some examples using different destination types.

PDF → Email Destination

When None (inline) is selected in Step 3, the image will be present in the created PDF:

When Google Drive is selected in Step 3, a link to the image will be present in the created PDF:


When None(inline) is selected in Step 3, the image will be provided as a base64 encoded string:

When Google Drive is selected in Step 3, the image will be provided as a link to Google Drive:

For a preview of the XML, click the Download sample XML button in step 5.

Note: sample files are available to download for many formats, not just XML.

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