Editing the answers of previously submitted forms is possible through the Device Magic Database destination. This destination is setup by default when a form is created.

Granting Permissions

Users with the Owner role are given permissions for this feature by default. Users in other roles will need to be given the "Submissions - update" permission. You can find out more about user roles and permissions here.

Editing Form Submissions

To edit the submission values, navigate to your “Forms” page from your organization’s dashboard, and locate your form. 

From there, click the button in the submissions column next to your form or click on the setting icon on the right hand side of the form and click on submissions.

Note: If there are no submissions for this form, this button will read "0".

You'll then be redirected to your Submissions page. If you have submissions in your Device Magic Database, you will see a list like this:

To edit a submission, scroll to the right and click on the pencil icon in the submission's row. 

Once you do so, you will notice that the submitted answers are now editable. Make any necessary changes and select Save when you are done.

Once the submission has been edited, it can be resent to its destinations. Check out this article for instructions on how to resend the corrected submission.

Viewing Previously Edited Submissions

When a form submission has been edited, the answers will be marked with a small blue triangle in the upper left hand corner of the cell. 

Hovering over this triangle will allow you to view information about the most recent edit. This includes the author, timestamp, and the previous answer.

Clicking Show All inside this window will show all edits to this answer in a box on the right side of the screen. To close this box, just click the x in the upper right hand corner.

Important Notes

  • Editing Image and Sketch questions aren't currently supported. 

  • Validations/calculations/{{placeholders}} can not be used when editing submissions. All edits are stored as text.

  • There is no way to revert values at this time. Instead, view the previous edits to find the correct value and manually edit the answer again.

Previewing Form Submissions

Forms with an active PDF Destination can be previewed on your Submissions screen. Check out our help article, Previewing Your PDF Template with Real Data for more information.

Other Device Magic Database Capabilities:

If you have any questions or comments feel free to send us a message at support@devicemagic.com.

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