Device Magic users now have the option to customize their in-app logo. This feature allows you to replace the Device Magic logo at the top of your navigation bar. 

Note: this feature is only available on our Enterprise Plan.

To access this feature, click the settings icon in the top right corner when viewing your organization. Then, select "Organization Settings".

On the following page, click "Customize Dashboard Logos". 

You will then be directed to the "Customize Your Dashboard Logo" page.
Here you will be able to choose your new Logo. 

This is the logo that will appear above your navigation bar, at the top left-hand corner of your web page.
For best results, we recommend using a 650 x 250, PNG file with a transparent background, as your logo will appear on a dark background. JPG and SVG files are also acceptable.

Click on "Choose File", select your logo from your computer's file directory and click "Choose".

Responsive Logo (Optional):

You have the option to upload an additional logo. This is the logo the will show when the window is shrunk.

Note: If only a single image is uploaded for the "Navigation Logo", the "Navigation Logo" will be used as both the navigation and the responsive logo, but will be compressed to fit in the latter.

The recommended dimensions for this file are 180x200.

As with the Navigation Logo, click on "Choose File", select your logo from your computer's directory and click "Choose".

When you are ready, go ahead and click the "Upload Custom Logos" button.

The green message stating "Custom dashboard logo has been updated." will display at the top of your screen if the upload was successful. You will also be able to see thumbnails of your uploaded images. 

If you would like to revert to the default Device Magic logo, click on the "Use Default Logos" button.

Login Logo (Optional):

Qualified users who subscribe to our White Label program can upload a Login logo. This image will appear when your users visit your custom login URL (ex. For more information on our custom login URL feature or our White Label offering, please reach out to

If you are happy with your logos, click the "Go Back" button at the top of your screen. This will direct you back to your Organization Settings, where you will be able to view your new dashboard logo in the top left-hand corner. If you resize your window, the logo will automatically adjust.

If you have any questions or comments please send us a message at or leave us a comment below.

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