To update a resource, first navigate to the Resources tab found on the left side of your Dashboard.

Once the Resources page has loaded, you will see a list of previously uploaded resources.

To find the resource you would like to update, use the "Search" bar or scroll through the list until you locate the appropriate resource. These should be in alphabetical order.

To edit the resource, click the setting icon to the far right and select "Edit Resource".

This will direct you to a new "Edit Resource" page which includes the following:

  • Original File: The current file name.

  • Version: The version number of the resource. This will increase sequentially each time the resource is updated.

  • Description: Here you can edit the description of the resource.

  • File: "Choose File" to select the updated resource file.

Note: Before uploading a new Excel file, check that your spreadsheet meets our formatting required to prevent breaking the bindings between the resource and your forms.

Spreadsheet Update Formatting Requirements:

  • The first row contains column headers. Headers present in the previously uploaded version of the resource should remain the same. Ex. Order, names, etc.

  • New columns should be placed to the right of existing columns.

  • Sheet names stay consistent for sheets present in the previously uploaded version.

When your updated file is ready, click on "Choose File".  

You will be prompted to select the file from your directory. After selecting your file, click "Choose" and then the "Update resource" button in the top right hand corner.

You will then be redirected to your Resources list.

Please note the "Status" of the submission.

Once the status has changed from "Processing" to "Ready" your resource will be updated and your linked forms will sync with the new file.

Download your Resource:

To download the current version of the resource, click on the file name of the resource when looking at the list or click on the arrow on the far right.

Troubleshooting Google Sheet Sync Issues

There are some actions that will cause the sync between your Google Sheet and your Resource to break, preventing your updates from appearing in your form. These include:

  • Removing/deleting the sheet in Google Drive

  • Changing the Owner of the sheet

If you have not removed the sheet or changed the owner, but are still experiencing sync issues, the account may need to be re-authenticated. Follow the steps below to re-authenticate your Google account and sync the sheet.

  1. Create a testing sheet in the same Google account as the Owner of the sheet that is not syncing. This sheet does not need to contain any specific information - it will only be used to trigger the sync.

  2. Follow the instructions in this article to add this testing sheet as a new Live Google Sheet Resource.

  3. The sheet should sync shortly after. You will know the sync has taken place when the Updated Date shows the current day.

  4. Remove the testing sheet from your Resources tab.

If the steps above to not resolve the sync issue, please contact support.

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