Setting a dynamic value as an initial answer for a question is possible by setting it's expression. Previously, only static values could be set for questions other than a calculated question. Below, you'll find an example to help you get started building expressions for initial answers. 

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First, open your form in the designer and locate the question you'd like to set the initial answer for. Click the question and check the "Show Advanced Settings" option.

You'll see the Initial Answer text box for static values and the option to set an expression just below.

Click "set expression".

If you're unfamiliar with our available functions and other calculated question capabilities, have a look at this article before reading further.

To set the initial answer to the current date present on the device, use the expression pictured below.

See the article link above for information on how this expression is constructed. When the form is opened in the app, it'll look like this:

To change the initial answer, click the "x" to the right of the answer. Watch this space for future examples.

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