Within the Advanced Settings of a Repeat Group in the forms designer, you can specify the "Primary Question" for the group.

If a Location Question is selected as the Primary Question, the mobile app UI will adapt to show a Map Summary above the group entries. Within the Map Summary, you can see the current location and all group entries as pins which can be selected.

For example:

Select a Primary Question

To add a Primary Question to a Repeat Group, open the form in the form designer and select the group. Next, click "Show Advanced Settings" and locate the "Primary Question". 

Select your Image Question and save your form.

Note: Currently, the designer offers Location Questions as an option to customize the mobile UI with a map summary.  Another primary question is the Image Field used to select multiple images at once.

Map Summary on the Mobile App

On your mobile app, it'll look something like this:

If you tap on the map above the repeat group entries, you will enter a full screen map where you will notice there is a fair bit happening. You can see your current location (the blue dot) and the four repeat group entries as pins around the park. The tab at the bottom (which you can hide) shows a summary of the entries.

Tap a pin on the map to view the answer summary.

Swipe left and right across the tab to toggle between entries. All location question features are available, along with the option to open the repeat group entry. To do this, click "Open".

Tap on any pin to load that entry and add new entries with "Add" at the top right.

Note: The Map Summary is currently only available to view on the mobile app and not in PDF/Word reports.

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