The overlay resource allows you take an image and position it on a map (GPS location, size, rotation) within the form builder. Once positioned, the overlay image will show in the location question on the mobile device's form. 

Add a Map Overlay Resource

1. Navigate to your Resources page and click the "+ New Resource" button.

2. On the following page, select "Map Overlay" as the resource type.

3. Add a description.

4, Choose your image (.jpg, .png, .gif).

Position Image over Map

Adjust Map

The image will then appear on the map in the "Position Overlay" section. From there, you can zoom the map in and out using the "+" and "-" buttons in the bottom right corner. Clicking the map and dragging your cursor will move the map. 

Adjust Image

To adjust the opacity of the uploaded image, use the "Opacity" slider in the top left corner.

To adjust the size or rotation of the image, first, select the image by right clicking it. Then, left click the image to bring up adjustment options.

Rotation: Click and hold the square above the center of the image (highlighted in red below), adjust by sliding your cursor. 

Size: Click and hold any of the squares directly bordering the image (highlighted in blue below), adjust by sliding your cursor.

Create Resource

When the map overlay is ready, click "Create Resource".

Add Resource to a Form

To assign a Map Overlay to a Location Question, open your form within the form builder and click on the question.

Then, click "Select Resource" and choose the map overlay.

This is how the Location Question with the assigned Map Overlay will appear in the mobile app. 

Using a Map Overlay Resource on a Repeat Group Location Summary

If a Location Question with an overlay resource is also the Primary Question in a Repeat Group, the overlay will be included in the Repeat Group Map Summary, showing the pins of the entries within that group. For example:

Read here for more information about summarizing a Repeat Group by location.

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