Google Sheets can be utilized as a Resource within your organization. Users are able to take their already existing sheets in Google Drive and sync them with Device Magic. This integration allows for updates to your sheets to be passed seamlessly to Device Magic. 

Please note: This is only available on our Enterprise plan.

For an overview of our Resources feature, please have a look at our help section here first. 

Why use a Google Sheet Live Resource?

  1. Many users already run their businesses using Google Drive. 

  2. Fewer steps - Update your Resource by simply editing your sheet.

  3. Privacy - Provide access to the Google Sheet, not your Device Magic account.

Add a new Google Sheet Resource

First, navigate to your Resources page and click the "Add New Resource" button.

On the following page, select "Google Sheets" as the Resource type.

Authorize with Google

In Step 2, click on "Start authorizing with Google." You will be directed to a new window to sign into your Google account. 

You'll need to "Allow" Device Magic to view the files in your Google Drive account.

After clicking "Allow", close the window and return back to your Resources page.
Then click the "Click after authorizing on Google" button.

You'll then see that your Google Drive account has been authorized and also have the opportunity to "Authorize a different Google account" if you wish.

Select your Sheet

In Step 3, choose your sheet from the drop-down list.

Lastly, click on Create Resource. 

Your Resource List

On your Resources page, you'll see your newly added Google Sheets Live Resource. You can also use the "Search" bar or click the "Updated" header to order the resources so that the most recently added/updated resource is at the top.

Next to your Google Sheets Live Resource, you'll see a settings button. "Sync Resource" gives you the option to manually sync your Resource.  Although this isn't required for updates to your Resource, the option is available. The system checks for updates to the resource every 30 minutes automatically.

You also have the options to delete your resource here.

Google Sheet Requirements and Limitations

  • Team Drive is not currently supported.

  • The sheet's first row is interpreted as column headers.

  • The rest of the rows are data.

  • Do not include any duplicate values within a column to be set as an identifier column.

  • No empty rows between data.

  • No empty columns between data

  • Text format is preferred for cell data.

  • Remove any filtering settings

  • Remove any fixed/frozen column/row settings

  • Save as Google Sheet format, not .XLSX format.

  • Text format is preferred for cell data

  • The following should not be present in your data set:

    • , (commas)

    • <. > (less than, greater than)

    • & (ampersands)

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