If you update your mobile forms regularly, then you may also need to update the custom templates you are using. Changing question names or adding additional questions to forms are a few examples of when editing your template is required to receive data successfully. Follow this guide for updating a custom template associated with a Word or PDF destination.

Download your Outdated Template

In the example below, you have a Work Order form in which you've added a new question for users to input Additional comments. In order to receive this new data in the PDF destination that you have setup, you'd need to add the corresponding question placeholder to your uploaded template.  

1) First, go to the Forms page and click the link in the Destinations column of the form you made adjustments to, or select Destinations from the settings menu.

2) Next, click the gear icon to the far right of the Word or PDF destination with the template that needs updating, and select Edit. 

3) On the following page, navigate to section 2 and click Show Options.

After, a menu will appear where you can download your previously uploaded template. It will appear as a hyperlink next to Format has existing template.

4) Click the link and a download will be triggered which will contain your existing template. Save this file to a location of your choice on your computer.

Download your new Placeholders

In the same section that contains your uploaded template, there is a button to Download a sample template. This documents contains all of the updated placeholders in the form. The advanced sample will give examples of formatting for If Statements and For Loops.

Click the corresponding button and another download will be triggered. This document includes the newly created Additional Comments question and associated placeholder.

Note: For another method to quickly obtain valid placeholders in for your form, please have a look at this article.

Update your Template

Open both the sample template and the your custom template which was just downloaded. In the sample template, scroll to the new question.  

Then, copy/paste the Additional Comments placeholder into the custom template.

If further customization is required for this template, save the changes in Word

Uploading your Template

After saving, navigate back to the Edit Destination page on the website.
To upload the updated template, click the Upload my Word .DOCX template button and select the file.

Lastly, click Update Destination and you're all set!

Future PDF's generated for this form will now contain these additional comments. 

This video shows how to create and update and existing Word Template.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to support@devicemagic.com

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