Device Magic Databases can now be utilized as resources within your organization. This means that previously collected data can be referenced when completing future submissions just like spreadsheet resources. For an overview of our Resources feature, please have a look at our help section here first. Below we'll walk you through the process of adding a new Device Magic Database resource.

First, navigate to your Resources page and click the "Add New Resource" button.

On the following page, select "Device Magic Database" as the resource type.

Then, select the form with the database that you'd like to reference and select the number of submissions you'd like to sync. Note, the sync size value will determine the number of recent submissions available for reference in your mobile forms.

Further down in the article, we'll add a select question in a new form, which references all the answers to a question in the "New Customer Form" as available select options.

Finally, click the "Create Resource" button and you've successfully added your resource.

On your Resources page, you'll see your resources listed below in alphabetical order.


In the following example, I've added a Customer Visit form to my organization which contains a Customer Name question. I've set this as a Select question and enabled "Options from Resource." With this option enabled, I can reference all previous answers to a question in my "New Customer Form."

Next, click the "Select Resource" button.

Then, click the "File List" button and then attach the previously added Device Magic Database resource.

After, you can select the options table, text column, and identifier column for your select options. I've chosen the "Name" field from my "New Customer" form as my "Text" and "Identifier" columns since these values are unique.

After saving and opening the form within our mobile app, you can see that our options are now populated based on our newly added resource.

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